Editorial Note

On December 9, 1953, President Eisenhower authorized the initiation of negotiations with El Salvador for the purpose of concluding a bilateral military assistance agreement. On January 7, 1954, Ambassador McDermott asked Foreign Minister Canessa whether the Government of El Salvador was interested in negotiating a military assistance agreement (despatch 274, from San Salvador, dated January 8, 1954, 716.5 MSP/1–854). In telegram 61, from San Salvador, dated February 12, 1954, Ambassador McDermott informed the Department of State that President Osorio was interested in a military assistance agreement (716.5 MSP/2–1254), and in telegram 63, from San Salvador, dated February 16, 1954, the Ambassador further reported that President Osorio had promised to send him a memorandum containing a schedule of dates for conversations and negotiations concerning an agreement (716.5 MSP/2–1654).