722.5 MSP/4–2754

Memorandum by the Director of the Office of Military Assistance, Department of Defense (Stewart) to the Special Assistant to the Secretary for Mutual Security Affairs (Nolting)



  • Ecuadoran Request for Naval Assistance
Memorandum from your office, 23 July 1953,1 subject: “Additional United States Assistance Proposed for Ecuadoran Navy and reply thereto 10 September 1953.”2
Memorandum from your office, 15 January 1954,3 subject as above.
Meeting between representatives of the Ecuadoran Government, Departments of State and Defense, and the Navy Department, 12 February 1954.4
Meeting between representatives of the Ecuadoran Government and MAAG, Ecuador, 24 February 1954.5
The proposal was made in reference 1b. above, that if United States representatives are queried by the Ecuadorans with regard to their request for additional naval assistance, the response should be that consideration of the request is being given on a continuing basis and that no final conclusion has been reached. This proposal is considered sound and has been the basis of additional talks between interested agencies concerning Ecuador’s request for vessels.
It is reiterated, however, that the United States Navy does not have available any vessels of the types requested by Ecuador, but could make available to the Government of Ecuador certain other naval vessels. These are Landing Ship Flotilla Flagships (LSFF). The cost to the Government of Ecuador for this type naval vessel would be approximately $390,000 each. They are available for inspection by Ecuadoran naval representatives, and can be delivered in approximately three to four months after completion of the customary negotiations. The training of crews for these vessels can be accomplished in the United States.
It is believed that the purchase of the LSFF type vessel will provide the Ecuadoran Navy with a craft that can be used for patrol purposes, for training, and for transportation of small landing parties, supplies, and equipment to remote coastal points. Further, it is believed that it is a type ship which the Ecuadoran Navy is economically capable of operating and maintaining.
This memorandum confirms information previously made known to your office.
G. C. Stewart

Major General, U.S. Army
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  4. A memorandum of conversation between representatives of the Departments of State, Defense, and Navy, and the Ecuadoran Government, dated Feb. 11, 1954, in which the participants discussed the types of vessels that the United States might make available to Ecuador, is in file 722.5 MSP/2–1154.
  5. No memorandum of the referenced meeting was found in Department of State files.