Holland files, lot 57 D 295

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs (Holland)



  • Call of Cuban Ambassador on the President concerning Sugar Quota
  • Participants: The President
  • Dr. Aurelio F. Concheso, Ambassador of Cuba
  • Mr. Henry F. Holland, Assistant Secretary for Inter-American Affairs

The Cuban Ambassador handed the President a note1 setting forth the basis for Cuba’s plea that the Sugar Act not be amended to reduce Cuba’s quota.2

The President said that he was keenly aware of the need for a strong trade with our friends, for the need of maintaining stable economies in friendly states. He assured the Ambassador that when he might be called upon to make any decision with respect to this matter he would not act precipitously, and that he would act with full realization of all of the implications for Cuba in any U.S. action.

  1. In the referenced note, dated June 8, 1954, the Cuban Government stated, inter alia, that any reduction in Cuba’s sugar quota prior to the expiration of the current Sugar Act would not only constitute a departure from past U.S. practice, but would result in a decrease in production to a level seriously endangering Cuba’s economic and social stability (811.235/6–854).
  2. Ambassador Concheso also discussed Cuba’s sugar quota with Secretary Dulles on June 2, 1954. The memorandum of their conversation, by Assistant Secretary Holland, dated June 2, indicates that the Ambassador made a similar plea concerning the reduction of Cuba’s quota, and that the Secretary expressed his interest in the problem and the determination of the United States to insure careful study of all of its aspects (Secretary’s Memoranda of Conversation, lot 64 D 199, “May–June, 1954”).