Memorandum of Conversation, by John L. Topping of the Office of Middle American Affairs



  • Political Situation in Cuba
  • Participants: The Under Secretary
  • Dr. Aurelio F. Concheso, Ambassador of Cuba
  • Mr. John L. Topping, MID

Ambassador Concheso stated that the attempted revolution at Santiago de Cuba on July 26, 19531 had strengthened the Government’s position since it had shown that the armed forces are solidly behind the Government, which would handle promptly and efficiently any attempted revolution. He said that a portion of the opposition to the present Government was prepared to participate in elections, but that another portion, headed by deposed Carlos Prío and his adherents, had thus far preferred to undertake insurrectionary activities. He added that the attempt at Santiago de Cuba had not been directly connected with the Prío group, but that Prío had supplied money for the arms used in that effort.

In response to an inquiry from General Smith whether the Cuban Government now felt sufficiently secure to undertake a return to constitutional government, the Ambassador stated that constitutional guarantees would be restored in about four weeks and that the Government would proceed with its plans to hold elections for Congress in June 1954.

  1. Documents pertaining to the abortive uprising are in file 737.00 for 1953.