835.00 TA/6–3054

Memorandum by James F. O’Connor, Jr. of the Office of South American Affairs to the Deputy Director of That Office (Bennett)



  • Assistance to Argentina.

We have assisted Argentina since the Milton Eisenhower trip in the following significant instances:

Tangible Items:

Eximbank approval $2.52 million dollar loan guaranty to Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation in connection with sale of 50 locomotives to Argentina.1
Treasury sale of Czech steel mill to Argentina.
Eximbank approval in principle of $12.3 million dollar loan guaranty to the McKee Company for sale of a blast furnace to Argentina.2

Intangible Items:

Making available, at Argentine request, 47 T–6D reconditioned training planes (Argentina eventually refused this offer, ostensibly for technical, but really for budgetary reasons.)
Making available, at Argentine request, 318 Ford tank motors (at last word Argentina had not yet accepted this offer, and was likely to refuse again for budgetary reasons.)
  1. Reference is to Export–Import Bank Credit No. 582, authorized by the Bank on Feb. 11, 1954.
  2. Documents pertaining to this subject are in files 103 XMB and 835.331 for 1954.