The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Venezuela 1


19. Re Embtel no. 11,2 Department working to eliminate number miscellaneous exiles generally believed to be intriguing in Costa Rica. Feels this can be accomplished and, if so, much of resentment against Costa Rican Government in other. Latin American countries will disappear. Department’s “protection” of Costa Rica implies no approval presence there of these elements. However, Department satisified that a new revolution in Central America at this time would create grave problems in UNSC where several usually cooperative states would accept Russian argument that OAS incapable of maintaining order this hemisphere. Therefore, Department favors maintenance peace in area and continuance efforts eliminate controversial figures. Department has satisfactory assurances Somoza on this subject.

Out of deference views of Venezuelan Government Department decided weeks ago not permit Betancourt establish residence here. Understand his plans now transit US and establish new residence in southern portion South America.

Gonzalez thoroughly familiar Department’s foregoing views.

  1. Drafted and approved by Mr. Holland and repeated for information to San José and Managua.
  2. Supra.