Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by Paul W. Jones of the Office of United Nations Political and Security Affairs

  • Subject:
  • Chinese Representation

Mr. Wenner telephoned me on December 19 to inform me of the British position if the Chinese representation issue should arise in the Fiscal Commission, Population Commission, Statistical Commission and Transport and Communication Commission, which, he said, were meeting in January or February of next year. He stated that the UK took the position that these bodies were not competent to consider the Chinese representation issue and would support a ruling to that effect should the issue arise. I told Mr. Wenner that the United States also took the position that these Commissions were not competent to consider the question and that our Representatives would be so instructed.

At one point in the conversation, Mr. Wenner alluded to “minor deviations” from the moratorium arrangement recently and said that he wanted to be sure that the US and UK positions for the ECOSOC Commissions were coordinated. When I asked Mr. Wenner what the deviations were, he said that he was not concerned with that question at this point. (Comment: Presumably Mr. Wenner was referring to the method of handling the Chinese representation issue at the GA and UNESCO to which the Foreign Office has objected. However, I did not press him on the point since he obviously did not want to discuss the matter.)