820/11–2652: Airgram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the united Kingdom


A–907. Re urtel 2988 of Nov 26, UK Emb has not yet approached Dept re recent method handling Chi representation issue. However, if Emb raises matter we intend answer as fol:

This year Chi representation issue at UNGA arose in Credentails Comite which must make finding on credentials of all Reps at each [Page 632] session. It was necessary adapt moratorium procedure to this function of Comite.
Dept believes Res which US submitted to Credentials Comite after USSR raised Chi representation issue was in accordance with moratorium arrangement. First para called for postponement of consideration Chi representation issue while second para was finding, without going into substance of issue, that credentials of Chi Natl Govt Reps were in proper form. This Res discussed in advance with UK Reps who indicated it was entirely satisfactory. (Since UK is not this year a member of Credentials Comite, it was not required to vote on US Res there). After Comite approval of Res, UN Secretariat, in drafting final Comite Report, prepared Res for GA adoption which first approved report of Comite and second decided postpone consideration Chi representation issue. Because of change in order UK felt obliged abstain on first para of this Res when put to separate vote in GA plenary. US and UK Dels considered requesting vote on second para first, but agreed this procedure too complicated.
In Credentials Comite of UNESCO Conf India and Yugo noted their objections to credentials Chi Natl Govt Reps but did not propose exclusion these reps. US suggested adjournment of discussion but UK and others did not speak in favor this suggestion and Chairman (Venezuela) finally observed report wld state comite had decided by majority to recommend acceptance of credentials Chi Del and had noted Indian and Yugo objections. While Committee might have decided first to postpone consideration of issue and then to accept credentials of Chi Del, postponement did not seem entirely appropriate in this case since India and Yugo had merely voiced objections without requesting consideration of issue. Further, fact remains that because Comite must report on credentials of all reps it wld still have had to make recommendation on credentials Chi Natl Govt Del even if it had postponed consideration of substantive issue.

Since we have not yet been approached by UKEmb, believe UK may have reconsidered and decided not raise matter. FYI only, Member US Del to GA informally mentioned FonOff objections to UKDel legal adviser who confirmed US Res presented UNGA Credentials Comite was satisfactory to UKDel End FYI. However, if FonOff again brings up question, you may discuss developments at UNGA and UNESCO and Dept views as outlined above, expressing hope UK will agree that when issue arises in Credentials Comites of UN bodies, Res along lines proposed by US in UNGA Credentials Comite is satisfactory method of handling issue in accordance moratorium arrangement and at same time of meeting Comite requirement that it make finding on credentials of all reps, and expressing hope that if issue arises in Credentials Comites in future UK will not feel compelled abstain on credentials of Chi Natl Govt Reps if issue disposed of by means of such Res.