320/11–2652: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Gifford ) to the Department of State


2988. UN political Dept FonOff yesterday called Embassy officer in to inform Embassy of seriousness with which FonOff views recent developments in US handling of moratorium on Chi Commie representation.

FonOff summarized US draft res at UNGA Oct 17 recommending that GA postpone consideration Chi Commie representation and that Chi Nationalist credentials be considered in order and developments at UNESCO mtg Nov 12 on similar subj. At latter mtg UK del had been instructed to enter reservation similar to that of India and Yugo, but had neglected to carry out his instruction and opportunity for UK to present its views had been lost. Also, when question was raised by Czech del at recent mtg of Internatl Sugar Council, no reply on Chi rep had been made.

FonOff stated that developments at UNESCO were not to be taken as a precedent and that, if question of Chi Commie representation comes up in this form in future, UK will either enter reservation about Chi Nationalist credentials or abstain. UK understanding is that moratorium is simply to have postponement of question of Chi rep without discussion on substantive matter; it fears that US wants not only postponement but also endorsement of Chi Nationalist credentials and in UK view this is going too far.

Next scheduled mtgs at which matter may arise are ITU and IPU [UPU?]mtgs in Jan; UK is anxious that Dept adhere to understanding [Page 631] originally reached in order that UK not be forced to enter reservation re Chi Nationalist credentials and that possible open US–UK disagreement be avoided.

Brit Emb Wash is being instructed to raise this question with Dept.