810.2/10–652: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Mission at the United Nations1


152. Re Chinese representation, urtel 326. If USSR raises Chi Rep issue on point of order at outset, we wld prefer that question be disposed of at once for whole of session on basis motion outlined Deptel 127. USSR wld bitterly oppose cutting off debate technique suggested by Padilla and despite his efforts obtain challenge and immediate vote there might be involved procedural wrangle. Moreover, suggested [Page 630] procedure wld certainly lead to question arising short time later in magnified form either in Credentials Comite or in GC on inclusion new agenda item. However, FYI if Padilla insists on ruling Sov motion out of order, we wld ultimately go along.

As technical matter Padilla cld hold Sov motion out of order on ground question shd properly be raised in Credentials Comite or in form proposal to include new agenda item but we think this interpretation of the rules is incorrect. It cld be argued that Rule 29 contemplated right Members challenge seating any Del at outset GA session, and in any case at fifth session Pres did permit discussion of and action on Chi Rep issue at outset.2

  1. Drafted by Gough, Wainhouse, and the Deputy Director of the Office of UN Political and Security Affairs (Popper); cleared by the Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs and the Bureau of Inter-American Affairs and L/UNA; approved for transmission by Sandifer; and signed by the Assistant Secretary of State for UN Affairs (Hickerson).
  2. In USUN telegram 344, Oct. 10, 10:28 p.m., Ambassador Gross Informed Hickerson: “I talked with Padilla Nervo along lines Deptel 152, October 7. He agrees to procedure recommended.” (310.2/10–1052).