Editorial Note

Additional documentation on the Eighth Session of the Contracting Parties to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade is in Department of State file 394.31 and in the GATT files, lot 63 D 134, boxes 268–270 and lot 66 D 209, boxes 454–458. The texts of the decisions, resolutions, declarations, and working party reports adopted by the Contracting Parties at the session are printed in Basic Instruments and Selected Documents, Second Supplement, January 1954. For the text of Department of State Press Release 598, dated October 27, 1953, summarizing the results of the session, see Department of State Bulletin, November 16, 1953, pages 677–680. For a letter from United States Delegation chairman Waugh to Secretary Dulles, dated March 8, 1954, outlining the major aspects of the Eighth Session, see page 171.