700.5 MSP/3–2052

Memorandum by the Special Assistant to the Secretary of State (Battle) 1


The Secretary met yesterday afternoon with Mr. Harriman, Mr. Draper, Mr. Batt, Mr. Nash and Mr. Perkins. The Secretary told me following the meeting a little of the discussion on the questions which Mr. Heneman has raised in the attached memorandum.2

With regard to item 1 (the question of “general direction and leadership” versus “general supervision”), the Secretary said that Mr. Harriman plead for the Secretary to give in on the point and agree to Mr. Harriman’s wording. The Secretary said he declined to do this but agreed to think it over. They mentioned that some other wording may be found which would solve the problem, although to my knowledge no such wording was suggested. The Secretary said he could take care of any problem arising with specific individuals by instructions to them and he felt that no problem of keeping them in line would necessarily arise. The Secretary has agreed to consider this whole question but he is inclined to think that he is fighting a losing battle and does not consider that the wording Mr. Harriman has in mind would be a serious loss.

With regard to item 2 (the question of extending the proposed Executive Order to include a reference to Ambassador Draper’s role), the Secretary said that Mr. Harriman had withdrawn his request on this subject.

With regard to item 3 (legislative authorization for information media guarantees), the Secretary said that he was a little confused about this whole question and he was a little uncertain as to just what our position was versus Mr. Harriman’s position. He said Mr. Harriman wanted this provision in the law, with the State Department administering it. Perhaps Mr. Perkins can provide more information on the discussion on this point. From the Secretary’s remarks to me, I gather it was rather inconclusive.

  1. A handwritten notation on the source text reads: “Mr. Humelsine, Mr. Perkins”.
  2. Reference is to the memorandum by Heneman of Mar. 19, 1952, p. 492.