756C.00/2–351: Telegram

The Ambassador in Indonesia (Cochran) to the Secretary of State


1034. In informal conversation Deputy Netherlands HC Schurmann1 informed me Indonesian Government has not yet transmitted to Netherlands Government formal communication setting forth position Natsir Government on NNG question and stipulating circumstances in which negotiations could be reopened. Schurmann said Indonesians of course realized no action could be taken on such note during Netherlands Government crisis. In answer my question whether next Conference Union Ministers might be able smooth way for later negotiations on NNG Schurmann said no indication yet that Indonesians will request third Conference Union Ministers which normally should take place Djakarta March or April. He thought even some doubt Indonesians would be willing participate in such conference unless and until progress made on NNG question.

Schurmann praised successful effort Natsir government to keep conditions quiet during NNG discussions December and to avoid precipitate denunciation of union. Schurmann believes that even if severance union ties should come later this would not necessarily preclude Netherlands and Indonesia working together closely.

  1. C. W. A. Schurmann.