357.AA/2–151: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Netherlands 1


908. Dept believes UNCI’s usefulness Indo diminishing and continuation of Comm in inactive status detrimental to its prestige, that of UN and potential source of irritation to Indos.

Since ex-KNIL problem may be liquidated next month, we believe target date of Mar 31 for dissolution Comm reasonable. Argument may be put forward that one of Neth’s proposals for solution NNG problem included mediation by UNCI and that therefore Comm shld not be dissolved while there exists possibility it might be useful in solution NNG. Dept convinced, however, Indos will not accept intervention in substance NNG by Comm as presently constituted. If UN mediation this problem desirable, there no reason why other UN machinery for mediation, such as conciliation panel, might not be used. View fact that neither party has utilized services of Comm for many months now we do not believe that maintaining UNCI solely for possible use in NNG problem either necessary or desirable. Light foregoing, suggest you approach FonOff in attempt secure agreement on target date Mar 31 for dissolution Comm assuring them such dissolution unrelated our minds matter keeping NNG negots fluid and flexible.

  1. Repeated to Canberra as telegram 204, to Brussels as telegram 1054 for action, and to the U.S. Mission in New York as telegram 678 for information.