357.AA/2–551: Telegram

The Ambassador in Indonesia (Cochran) to the Secretary of State


1041. From Cochran and Beam. Deptel 791.1 Much gratified by position taken by Department UNCI dissolution. Schurmann indicated Netherlands Government would be willing have UNCI depart Indonesia after troop evacuation but strongly desired present government membership be retained with possibility appoint delegates when and where services called for. Little doubt our minds UNCI will be most unwelcome to Indonesia after troop problem settled. Since in view unsatisfactory trend Indonesian foreign policy we may have to be severe on government here, would much prefer representations we may be forced to make future be not complicated by any additional irritations arising from our participation UNCI. Time may come [Page 593] furthermore when UNCI may be attacked as instrument Western Powers. If Dutch prove intransigent would go so far as to recommend we inform interested parties our intention withdraw from Commission. This would of course mean referring question SC, a step which we believe Dutch and Australians would be very reluctant to see taken and which might bring them into line with our idea early UNCI dissolution. Do not see how US in own interest can afford remain member Concilation Commission, Australian member of which seemingly more adamant than Dutch in critical Irian dispute, with Australian public figures even expressing willingness risk aggression keep Irian from Indonesia. Australian Ambassador Hood2 has privately stated his firm conviction Australia has no intention allowing Irian become Indonesian. [Cochran and Beam.]

Department pass Hague; sent Department 1041, repeated info Hague 107.

  1. The cable under reference is a repeat of telegram 908 to The Hague, February 1, p. 591.
  2. J. D. L. Hood.