357.AG/10–3151: Telegram

The Consul General at Tripoli (Lyneh) to the Department of State 1

top secret

174. Pelt in discussing with me, since his return, question of advancing Libyan independence has made one particularly valid point in favor of delaying such action until early mid-Dec. He states program of coordination comite for transfer powers in four stages, two of which are completed, was a formal recommendation to Libyans and admin powers, junking of which wld raise storm of questions in UNGA.

However, he states that Libya question will probably not be discussed until early or mid-Dec citing as one reason that his annual report will not be delivered from printer and put into Assembly’s hands before then. He further assures me that he perceives no objection to 15 Dec date or even as early as 10th. Date of 15th was in fact proposed in original transfer powers plan. This move will satisfy both Blackley and Muntasser. Furthermore, it will provide time for Ital Govt to conclude property agreement with Libyans.

If GA can through parliamentary delays such as reference to successive comites and through US lobbying particularly among NATO and Latins (assuming Ital support for latter group) to convince substantial bloc nations to delay action until early or mid-Dec on Libyan question our position will be much sounder.

Essential point in all this maneuvering on advancement independence is to avoid situation whereby resolution wld be passed by GA which might imperil continued use and development US-UK strategic facilities Libya.

Believe US shld begin lobbying for this point of view immed.

  1. Repeated to London, Paris, and Benghazi.