357.AG/10–1951: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Gifford) to the Department of State 1

top secret

1940. In course conversation with Allen today, we took opportunity stress Dept’s and Clark’s views re desirability early Libyan independence with flexible date. Allen said Blackley’s views not yet recd this point, but he felt in any event previously suggested dates Nov 1 and Nov 8 were out of question. Perhaps later on in Nov might be possible.

Allen confirmed FonOff very hesitant re desirability proceeding with early independence if Pelt cannot be brought into the line. He felt we wld find ourselves in most difficult position in GA if we presented it with fait accompli in opposition to UN commissioner. If Pelt cld be brought into line (and Allen was not sure how this cld be done) he felt that it wld be different matter and that we cld then proceed with less likelihood heavy censure which he otherwise fears. We took occasion thruout conversation stress views set forth Deptel 20632 and Lidel 192,3 but it is clear that FonOff feels decision must ultimately depend on Pelt’s attitude.

Allen agreed it wld be desirable if Saadawi cld be brought into line so that Libya cld speak with one voice at sixth UNGA, but was extremely doubtful this cld be done on other terms than offering Saadawi Prime Ministership, which UK wld strenuously oppose.

  1. Repeated to Tripoli and Geneva for Clark.
  2. Dated October 17, p. 1345.
  3. Telegram 319, from Geneva, October 17, p. 1344.