876.00 TA/12–2951: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Liberia 1


197. Totec. Dept views seriously inclination LibGovt (Embtel 240 Dec 26, 19512) magnify apparent trivialities into major issues. In conference Amb King yesterday Dept made clear this not US concept Mutual Coop envisaged Pt 4 program. Dept suggested and King agreed have heart to heart talk on his return with Pres Tubman convince latter this not best way improve US–Lib friendship.

While Dept concurs Hill’s trans probably desirable his interest and programs it unwilling do this summarily. If LibGovt withdraws note and shows, in your judgment, sufficient evidence its sincere desire minimize rather than maximize other personality and operating difficulties, Dept will offer Hill new position he can accept gracefully. Suggest you discuss with Hill.

If Hill and you agree above suggestion you may, in your discretion, advise LibGovt he considering new-assignment. Pending his acceptance new assignment, however, Dept thinks he shld remain in-charge and LibGovt shld understand its attitude prior Hill’s departure will influence extent future TCA coop.

Under above procedure Rives appt acting TCO shld be deferred until Hill departs. In view recent home leave orders, is Rives agreeable remaining until new TCO assigned?


  1. This telegram was drafted by Meier (NEA/AF), was cleared by Feld and Bourgerie (NEA/AF), Gordon (TCA), and Berry (NEA).
  2. Not printed. It reported that the Embassy had received a note from the Liberian Government stating that Liberia was unable to execute the joint technical cooperation program so long as C. Reed Hill remained U.S. Technical Cooperation Officer in Liberia. Ambassador Dudley observed that a series of incidents involving Hill had created an “atmosphere of distrust among Lib officials.” In view of the likelihood that no further Liberian cooperation would be forthcoming from Liberian officials on the technical cooperation program as long as Hill remained, Dudley recommended his transfer and the appointment of James H. Rives, Public Works Adviser, to act in Hill’s stead temporarily. (876.00 TA/12–2651)
  3. In his telegram 245, December 29, from Monrovia, Ambassador Dudley reported as follows:

    “In lengthy discussion with Tubman today I strongly outlined type of cooperation nec from his govt to insure success of TCA program. Tubman admitted several of his ministers were not lending full cooperation but that after inauguration he wld personally lend time to strengthening his side of the program. He repeated his desire have our continued assistance.” (876.00 TA/12–2951)

    Telegram 266, January 16, 1952, from Monrovia, reported that the Liberian note of December 26 had been withdrawn and C. Reed Hill planned shortly to leave for the United States. (876.00 TA/1–1652)