ECA Telegram Files: FRC Acc. No. 53A278: Ankara Toeca: Telegram

The Deputy Chief of the ECA Mission in Turkey (McJunkins) to the Administrator for Economic Cooperation (Foster)1

Toeca 699. 1. Matter international interest mission agreed 16 August with Turkish Government release agreement 30 million TL counterpart funds for resettlement program Bulgarian refugees of Turkish origin expelled from Bulgaria. Turk Government providing additional 40 million TL.

2. Program calls for furnishing government owned land each farming family. Total program calls for resettlement 32,000 families at estimated total cost 70 million TL.

3. 30 million TL from counterpart funds will provide houses, barns, sheds, shops, farm tools and animals, seeds, clothing, bedding, medical care, fuel and lighting for refugee families, thereby protecting refugees until they become agricultural producers. Much new land will be put into cultivation by these people.

4. Mission considers this release unique type assistance to meet serious humanitarian and economic problem created by expulsion from Bulgaria large number individuals Turkish origin.

5. Excellent publicity given Marshall Plan Turkey for this assistance. Hope ECA/W can arrange same Stateside.

  1. Sent to Paris as Torep 941.