782.58/4–1951: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (Wadsworth) to the Department of State


662. Re Ecato 2411 and Deptel 528 April 122 and Deptel 534 April 14.2 (1) After consulting ECA and JAMMAT I have informed FonMin orally that decision has now been taken by US Govt on highest level which allocates necessary dollars from ECA/W funds for generation of sufficient Turk liras to defray cost of 40,000 additional men and related expenses envisaged by Turk supplementary military budget. I said this was in addition to $4 million already allocated from ECA funds to defray cost of NCO program for current Turk FY.

FonMin expressed high appreciation and, at my suggestion, agreed to communicate this info to Cabinet to end that Natl Defense Minister3 might immediately commence program.

I avoided any mention of time when Turk Govt might expect lira funds to be made available; nor did I mention exact amounts; but it was clear from our brief discussion that he expected substantially full amount of TL 80 million, as specified in supplementary budget voted by GNA, would be made available within next few months. I venture urge this be assured before end of summer when budgeting for Turk FY beginning March 1952 must begin.

(2) It is General Arnold’s and my understanding that these new dollar funds are to be made available during current US FY 1951 from ECA funds made available for MDAP requirements. We note however from Ecato 241 that only $27.4 million are available for allocation in FY 1951, whereas equivalent of TL 80 million is $28.57 million.

We are not concerned at this discrepancy, because six weeks of current Turk FY have already passed, and Gen Arnold is confident he will be able reach ready agreement with Turk general staff for paring program for balance of year to equivalent of $27.4 million figure. We request authority proceed on this latter basis.

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  2. Not printed.
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  4. Hulusi Köymen.