ECA Telegram File: FRC Ace. No. 53A278: Paris Torep: Telegram

The Administrator for Economic Cooperation (Foster) to the United States Special Representative in Europe (Katz)1


Torep 2145. Reference—Repto 1223 rptd Ankara Repto 159.

1. NAC consultation completed 28 March re utilization TL 164.8 million Turk cpt as proposed for period ending February 29, 1952. NAC Document #1116 and Action #458 being forwarded air pouch.2

2. If OSR concurs, please authorize Mission inform Turk gov. at its discretion approval of overall program (Step 1) and constituent projects (Step 2). This includes TL 10.64 million for special $4 million allotment.3

3. Proposed news release being cabled today.4

4. Re Istanbul hotel project, great pressure here for issuance PA for $210,000 Code 930 which awaits formal notification of Step 2 this project to Turk Gov. View this situation, appreciate prompt decision and action by OSR to notify Mission. Mission pls inform by priority cable when we may issue PA.

5. N.A.C. Action No. 458 dated March 28 reads as follows: The National Advisory Council advises the Administrator for Economic Cooperation that it does not object to the release of up to TL 165 million (approximately $59 million) of additional counterpart funds [Page 1135] to the Government of Turkey to finance a portion of the 1951–52 Turkish investment program, it being understood that actual releases will be made on a quarterly basis and that further consultation will take place in case of significant change in the Turkish financial situation.5

  1. Drafted by William M. Blaisdell, EPD/ECA, and cleared with Daniel K. Hopkinson, EPD/ECA; repeated to Ankara.
  2. Neither printed.
  3. The reference was to a special program to increase greatly the number of noncommissioned officers in the Turkish Army.
  4. Not printed.
  5. The complete record of National Advisory Council discussions and documents regarding this issue is in the NAC Files: Lot 60 D137.