783.00/12–351: Telegram

The Chargé in Syria (Clark) to the Department of State 1


322. Re Legtel 321, Dec 3.2 In meeting this morning Brit, Fr, Turk Mins and I agreed recommend our respective govts coordinate in order present common front on recognition. We also agreed we would not reply to official note or accept official invitations nor seek meetings with new Syrian Govt leaders without instructions from our govt. Consensus was that Shishikli wld endeavor seek contacts with one or more representatives four powers and that in such event we or our reps might meet with him or his emissaries informally learn his views making clear we acting in our personal capacities.

Leg will be guided accordingly unless Dept instructs otherwise. Meanwhile we continue be guided by Deptel 125, April 1, 1949.3

  1. Repeated to London, Paris, Moscow, Tripoli, Ankara, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Arab capitals.
  2. Supra.
  3. Not printed; it instructed the Legation, pending clarification of the current situation, to avoid all formal contact and correspondence with the old or new regime except necessary consular correspondence pertaining to protection of American interests (890D.00/3–3049).