711.56386A/5–951: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Saudi Arabia 1

top secret

380. Re DAF Dept informing Greenhill, Brit Emb, Gen Day recalled recently for quick briefing session. Day now rejoining Amb Hare for resumption negots early date and effort obtain agreement quickly. Importance DAF increasing in US strategic consideration.… Initial effort seek long term agreement defeated largely owing impact Anglo-Egyptian differences2 on SA sensibilities and as consequence US prepared accept much shorter term. Negots entering very delicate and we hope final stage and we trust Brit will say or do nothing rock boat this period.

Brit informed here gen character and magnitude proposed NE mil grant aid program (Embtel 655, May 93) of approx $40,000,000. Brit also told SA wld be recipient largest share owing US special interests, but amount left vague.

Dept hopes conduct in conjunction def mil-polit conversations with Brit re whole program for NE soon in accordance basic NSC [Page 1053] paper on subj which contemplates correlated US–UK action re mil assistance to area.4

You may discuss with Trott along above lines ur discretion.

Comment: Dept doubts Trott informed thus far by FonOff, but fol US–UK talks FonOff will presumably circularize Brit NE missions topsec basis.

  1. Drafted by Jones and Awalt; telegraphic transmission and classification approved by Jones; cleared with Haselton, NEA, and Silver, S/ISA; and discussed with Patrick of Defense.
  2. For documentation on this subject, see pp. 343 ff.
  3. Not printed; it requested guidance “re extent to which Brit informed nature contemplated conversations on DAF and military assistance with particular reference possible grant mil assistance NE countries.” (711.56386A/5–951)
  4. For documentation on this subject, see pp. 1 ff.