785.00/8–551: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Saudi Arabia 1


49. Msg along fol lines shld be conveyed to King in reply his msg (Embtel 68, Aug 5):2

USG grateful for HM’s views on present situation in NE arising from tragic death of King Abdullah and as is well known to HM, shares his deep concern for maintenance tranquillity and stability in area. It is hoped by USG that people of Jordan will be permitted to work out whatever destiny they may choose in calm, deliberative atmosphere. The United States wld look with disfavor upon any change in status of the sovereign states of the NE brought about by force or external intervention. At the same time it is cardinal principle of American policy to respect right of peoples freely to choose their own form of government. HM may be sure that US will continue to follow developments in NE carefully and will not fail to give this matter careful consideration which it merits.

  1. Drafted by Jones and Stabler (NE) and cleared by McGhee.
  2. Not printed. In it, King Saud expressed concern over reports that Iraq and Syria were acting to incorporate the territory of Transjordan. The King expressed the hope that the United States would help maintain the status quo in regard to Transjordan. (785.00/8–551)