683.84A/3–1551: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Israel 1


386. In informal discussion with Israel Emb Hep Mar 16 Dept gave substance Jlem Contels 162 Mar 5,2 165 Mar 7, 169 Mar 15,3 and expressed fol views:

Syrian Govt under Armistice Agreement cld not concern itself with Israel civil operations Huleh area outside demilitarized zones.
Situation demilitarized zones responsibility UN Chairman MAC.
Syrian Govt through membership in MAC entitled make representations to MAC re situation demilitarized zones.
Israel construction demilitarized zone shld cease pending agreement this matter in MAC.
Armistice Agreement provides that Chairman Israel-Syrian MAC has special duties re admin demilitarized zone including preservation rights Arab and Israel inhabitants. Believe Arabs demilitarized zone shld be fully compensated for any loss of land due civil operations this area preferably by appropriate land compensation elsewhere in demilitarized zone. Arrangements this compensation shld be worked out through Israel-Syrian MAC prior Israel undertaking engineering operations demilitarized zone. Moreover, Dept has doubts re validity in demilitarized zone semi-private arrangements made during Mandate.
Dept hoped Israel wld attend Mar 19 meeting MAC and wld avoid any provocative action.

  1. Telegram drafted by Mr. Waldo and cleared in NE and UNP. Repeated to Jerusalem, Damascus, and USUN in New York.
  2. Ante, p. 588.
  3. Neither printed.