641.74/10–851: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Egypt 1

top secret

521. Brit Emb Oct 7 informed Dept Brit Cab has approved fol “new proposals” to Egypt Govt re Sudan:

[Here follow the “new proposals”, which included an International Commission resident in but not governing over the Sudan, a Joint Anglo-Egyptian statement of common principles, an international guarantee of the Nile Waters Agreement, establishment of a Development Authority for the Nile, and an agreed date for attainment of self-government by the Sudan.]

Although Stevenson has been instructed hold line re separability Sudan and MEC ques, he has been authorized produce above proposals at time he considers appropriate.

Brit Emb stated FonOff “greatly hopes US will actively support UK in keeping Sudan and Defense issues separate and will support (above) positive proposals to Egypt.”

While we believe UK has made effort to move further toward Egypt position, particularly in relation to internatl comm (Deptel 424, Sept 24),2 we still consider it wld be inadvisable for US to associate itself with UK in presentation substantive proposals re Sudan to Egypt Govt. At same time we wld not wish our silence re substance Sudan ques to cause difficulty vis-à-vis MEC approach. Consequently, you shld from outset strongly support with Egypt Govt separability Sudan and MEC issues and our belief these two ques shld be decided separately on own merits. Time factor different between MEC and Sudan: first is urgent for defense NE and free world; second is evolutionary problem in which solid results best achieved by patient and unhurried deliberation. In addition you authorized make fol points:

US has been informed by UK of its proposal to Egypt re Sudan and we are confident Egypt Govt will wish to give them same serious and earnest consideration which we are sure were given to their formulation. We feel that with mutual goodwill and understanding solution adequately guaranteeing interests of all parties concerned can be developed. Fact we are unable comment substantively is because we are not in position, as are UK and Egypt, form independent judgment on complex factors involved.
If asked re US participation in internatl comm, you shld say that at request parties US wld give matter consideration.

[Page 391]

You shld concert with UK colleague re timing ur approach to Egypt Govt on Sudan.

  1. Drafted by Stabler, transmitted and initialed by Jones. Repeated operation priority to Ankara, London, and Paris.
  2. Ante, p. 387.