No. 540

396.1/6–451: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Office of the United States High Commissioner for Germany 1


525. For Reber. Frankfort’s 9787 June 4.2 In view termination Paris Dep talks and absence indication Sov willingness participate [Page 1115] CFM with opportunity settle Aust problem, consideration being given to calling mtg Treaty Deps London near future purpose continuing negot Aust Treaty accordance tripartite agreement. Consider such mtg wld serve double purposes of assuring continuity mtgs pursuant May 1950 agreement and at same time afford opportunity seek tripartite agreement on future tactics. In addition, assuming Brit and Fr concurrence to Deps’ mtg, believe useful propaganda purposes wld be served by sending three identic notes to USSR pointing out last scheduled mtg was postponed in view of possibility of a CFM but since Sov refusal to attend a CFM is now confirmed, a further mtg of Deps is in order.

Dept wld contemplate that West actions at next Dep mtg wld be governed by our basic objective conclude Treaty on best terms obtainable in conformity existing instrs and that in absence Sov willingness undertake serious negots West wld confine efforts to fixing definite date for the fol mtg.

Request ur comment and recommendation concerning best method reconvening Deps mtgs.

Message on future tactics solution Aust problem follows.

  1. Drafted by Allen and cleared with Williamson, Reinhardt, Bonbright, and Perkins. Repeated to Vienna, Moscow, London, and Paris.
  2. Telegram 9787 described Gruber’s conversation with Zarubin in which Zarubin stated that there would be no difficulties in reaching full agreement as part of a general European settlement. (396.1/6–451)