No. 539

396.1–PA/4–1251: Telegram

The United States High Commissioner for Austria ( Donnelly) to the Embassy in France 1


253. For Jessup. Gruber has asked me to tell you of his conversation with Gromyko on Apr 9, which lasted over an hour and re which he was unable to inform you before his departure from Paris that night.

Gromyko, he says, discussed Aust treaty freely, and this time did not attempt to connect it with Trieste or other issues. Rather, he argued that US was already committed to war, and did not wish conference of four. When Gruber in his turn argued that Western Powers needed some proof they could do business with Soviet Union, and conclusion of Aust treaty wld be best evidence this regard, Gromyko countered that Soviet Union wld receive no credit in this respect, as American people, in particular, wld be deceived by their leaders.

Gruber feels that only significance in conversation was Gromyko’s increased and decided pessimism re prospects of Big Four mtg, and he wonders whether this attitude may not indicate that Soviets have now decided they do not wish conference to take place.

Brit High Commissioner here requests you also inform Mallett contents of telegram.

  1. Repeated to the Department of State as 2313, which is the source text.