394.31/10–451: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States ( GATT ) Delegation 1


Gatt 75. Tagg 60, Oct 4.

1. Concur advisable Belg proceed under GATT Art XII.

2. Also concur strongly advisable not accept interpretation GATT and Fund Arts which renders meaningless procedures GATT Arts XII and XIV.

3. Re Art XIV of Fund, Belg as former occupied country wld be entitled introduce new restrictions without prior consent of Fund. Note, however, that under Sec 4 of Art XIV Fund can at any time make representations in exceptional circumstances to any member that conditions are favorable for withdrawal restrictions. Thus in Belg case Fund provisions, while not requiring review of Belg finan situation, wld permit such review at initiative of any other member of Fund.

[Page 1489]

4. Del shld make clear to Belgs that any suggestion we may make to them on procedure does not imply US support for or concurrence in Belg claim need or justification restrictions against dol area.

5. ECA and Treas concur.

  1. Repeated to Paris for OSR as 2084 and to Brussels as 474.