394.31/9–1351: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Italy


1213. Urtel 1158.1

1. See Para 3(2) and (3) Depcirtel Sept 12 re Ital fear Czech reprisals and status approaches other Govts.

2. US chose Art XXV in preference XXIII as making unnecessary CPs discuss merits US and Czech action, thus relieving other CPs necessity taking sides or taking parallel action as wd be neces if we proved cases Czech nullification and impairment. Uncertain also whether CPs wd agree complete nullification by Czecho exists with result difficult obtain authorization terminate all our obligations [Page 1409] Czecho. XXIII wd also involve making case against state-trading operations which might be interpreted as attack on state trading as such and hence antagonize other CPs.

3. Unwilling use Art XXI as bad precedent opening way to unlimited use that Art for actions having far less relation to security than Czech case.

  1. Dated September 10, p. 1403.