394.31/9–1251: Telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic and Consular Offices 1


253. 1. Following is roundup status approaches re Czech waiver. Depcirtel 199. (a) Have definite assurance support fol nine CPs: Braz, Can, Chile, Cuba, Greece, Haiti, Nic, Nor, US. Two acceding countries [Page 1408] will vote favorably if eligible do so by time vote taken, namely Ger (CP on Oct 1) and Peru (CP on Oct 7). (b) Expect Burma, India, pak, Ceylon, Indo, Fin will abstain but have received no reactions govts this group. (c) From fourteen fol remaining CPs exclusive Czecho therefore need assurance six more votes: Austral, Dom Rep, Lib, NZ, UK, Belg, Den, Fr, Italy, Lux, Neth, So Rhod, So Afr, Swed. Consider first five likely, leaving at least one more to secure.

2. Missions group (C) countries requested unless objection perceived again endeavor obtain assurance support. Missions both group (B) and (C) requested report views FonOffs on position to be taken Geneva, repeating all replies to Geneva for GATT del. Eur missions shld keep in touch re any favorable developments which might help swing other doubtful votes.

3. Believe most important facts stress approaches group (C) countries are: (1) US does not intend withdraw from other CPs any concessions initially negotiated with Czech as appears other CPs have substantial interest in all such concessions. (2) Support US waiver wld recognize that grave strain in US-Czech relations makes genuine fulfillment GATT obligations mutually impossible and obligations shld therefore be reciprocally dissolved in interest preserving respect for internatl obligations and more specifically to prevent resulting weakening of GATT. CPs will not be asked to assess blame or take sides but only to take action appropriate to existing state of US-Czech relations. (3) If fear of Czech reprisals expressed or implied you may say people of US feel strongly entitled terminate obligations in face Czech attitudes and wld find it incomprehensible that friendly countries wld refuse to allow dissolution of contract, especially since they not being asked to take sides in pol dispute.

  1. Sent to 28 missions and 2 consulates general.