394.31/8–651: Telegram

The Ambassador in Norway (Bay) to the Secretary of State 1


140. Fear French (Lecuyer)2 may have been left with incorrect impression (see para 7 ourtel from Paris reporting Fr discussions) that US has definitely decided withdraw concessions from Czech before seeking approval CPs sixth session.3 Whether US will act before or after seeking such approval is still open question and will not be decided until after my return Wash. Please consult Fr as to their views this point, making clear US feels compelled take action against Czechs whether CPs approve or not. Important factor in our decision will be estimate as to whether we can get support Fr and other dels at sixth session for advance waiver and you shld endeavor obtain Fr commitment this point. Reply Washington.4

Sent Paris 17, rptd info Dept 140.

  1. Apparently drafted by John M. Leddy who was in Oslo at this time on his GATT tour.
  2. Ernest Lecuyer, specialist in French foreign economic policy with respect to international organizations with an economic or financial character.
  3. This refers to the Paris Embassy’s telegram 684, July 31, 8 p. m., in which Leddy transmitted a report of his discussions with the French. In paragraph 7 Leddy had stated: “Lecuyer said French could at moment only take note of US action. He indicated would have presented difficult problem for French if we had sought CP’s waiver in advance our action since saw no basis for waiver.” (394.31/7–3151).
  4. The Leddy mission terminated in Oslo on August 8.