394.31/8–151: Telegram

The Chargé in Norway (Mein) to the Secretary of State


125. Ref: No. 93, July 30, 1951.1 Ref cable was not received in time to inform the FonOff of US action on the 31st. However, FonOff was informed before any info appeared in Nor press.

After reading text of statement, FonOff official remarked that while the statement gave the reasons for the US action it failed to indicate the grounds on which the CPs will be asked to recognize a release of the US obligations to Czecho under GATT. He was certain the US cld obtain the necessary two-thirds vote if our request for dissolution is based on Art CCLV [XXV 5(A)?] (A). He regretted, however, the [Page 1388] need for introducing political argument into GATT discussions since hitherto this had been avoided in GATT.2

  1. See footnote 5, supra.
  2. In Oslo on his GATT tour on August 8, Leddy reported in a general round-up of the Norwegian discussions: “Norway views Czech problem as essentially political question and would have to be considered at highest level. At official level they feel strongly we should not act unilaterally in advance of CP waiver. . . . They seemed concerned US basing its case on political grounds and prefer making complaint under Article XXIII.” (Oslo telegram 148, August 8, 4 p. m., 394.31/8–851).

    Leddy had previously reported from The Hague (August 6) that: “Dutch feel we should get Czech waiver first before acting. They fear US unilateral action in advance would seriously damage integrity GATT and US position leadership. They dislike idea our basing case on political grounds since they argue these matters fall outside GATT purview. They seem prefer we put case strictly on nullification economic benefits due state trading and other measures by Czechs. No matter how we put case CPs, however, they see difficulties in supporting us.” (Oslo telegram 141, August 6, 4 p. m., 394.31/8–651)