394.31/3–2651: Telegram

The Acting Chairman of the United States Delegation to the Torquay Conference ( Corse ) to the Secretary of State


601. USTAC. To Leddy1 and Beale from Corse. Re problem UK negots. Timing now assuming major importance.

If break with British, (a) must adjust several bilateral agreements where offers made to agreement countries are contingent upon granting concession on same item to UK and, (b) must revise consolidated US Torquay schedule XX to withdraw British items.

Point (a) shld be completed before March 31 under present schedule, point (b) must be completed before signing and is not of such major length that must be begun this week to avoid postponing signing. TAC must be available until consolidated. Last practically completed.

Foregoing must have British answer by Wednesday latest or go ahead assumption no UK agreement. Have so informed UK del informally. If UK expands offers, March 31 date conclusion bilateral probably will have to be extended but we may make April 21 signing date.

Suggest Thorp have this in mind conversations today and mention it apparently useful.

Sent Department 601, repeated info London 237.

  1. John M. Leddy, Deputy Director, Office of International Trade Policy.