394.31/3–2351: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Acting Chairman of the United States Delegation to the Torquay Conference (Corse)1


507. USTAC.

1. Package deal with Canad (Deltel 552 Mar 17) approved by Pres today Mar 23. Deal recommended to Pres with only Agri dissenting because inclusion offer Cheddar cheese.

2. Pres’ approval covered (a) all items specified annex referred to in Deltel 553,2 (b) 2 plywood items (Deltel 557),2 and (c) shelled bitter almonds (Para 756) not previously authorized.

3. On basis approval package deal with Canad, Thorp will (a) discuss Austral position with Amb along lines Deltel 5683 and (b) discuss UK position with Brit Charge along lines note delivered Younger. In addition he will inform Brit as follows: “That we wld not be willing to proceed with an agreement on basis of present UK offers, and are prepared accept no agreement with UK if our Del so recommends”.

4. These discussions scheduled Mar 26. Will inform you substance soonest thereafter.

  1. Repeated to London as 4335.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Not printed.
  4. March 18, p. 1285.