Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by the Ambassador at Large (Jessup)


Subject: Personal Message from Mr. Acheson to Mr. Bevin

Participants: Sir Oliver Franks, British Ambassador
Mr. Philip C. Jessup

I telephoned Sir Oliver this morning and referred to the paper which he had left with me on January 14. (This was a personal message from Mr. Bevin to the Secretary regarding the desire of the British that their Chiefs of Staff should be fully informed concerning our strategic air plans.) I said that I understood that the various conversations which had subsequently ensued had been satisfactory and that due to Mr. Bevin’s illness1 there had not been need for a formal reply. Nevertheless the Secretary wished to send a message to Mr. Bevin in reply and I would send it to him.2 Sir Oliver indicated that he had talked with Lord Tedder and Sir John Slessor and believed that they were satisfied with the information they had received from our Joint Chiefs of Staff and that he had so reported to London.

Philip C. Jessup
  1. Bevin resigned as Foreign Secretary on March 9 for reasons of health and died on April 14.
  2. Infra.