Editorial Note

A substantial portion of the documentation appearing in the Foreign Relations series for 1951 concerns subjects of relevance to the national security. Documentation in the present compilation is related to the formulation of high level, general policy. This material should be considered in connection with papers on specific issues and areas found elsewhere in the Foreign Relations volumes. The following compilations are of particular importance in relation to the material presented here.

For documentation on foreign aid, and in particular the origins of the Mutual Security Program, see pages 266 ff. For material on United States policy with respect to the regulation of armaments, see pages 443 ff. For documentation on discussions with the United Kingdom and Canada concerning the danger of general war with the Soviet Union, see pages 802 ff. Regarding other foreign policy aspects of United States development of atomic energy, see pages 685 ff. For documentation on East-West trade, see pages 993 ff.

United States policy with respect to the defense of the Western Hemisphere is treated in volume II. For documentation on United States participation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, European security, and the German question, see volume III. Compilations on general United States policy toward Eastern Europe, on events of significance in the relations of the Soviet Union with other nations (particularly the United States), and on United States relations with the United Kingdom, including material on political-military questions are presented in volume IV.

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For documentation on United States national security policy as regards the Near East and Africa, see volume V. For documentation regarding Japan and the Japanese peace treaty, Indochina, general United States policies with respect to the East Asian-Pacific area and South Asia, and negotiation of security treaties with the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand, see volume VI, Parts 1 and 2. Volume VII is devoted to the Korean War and to United States policy regarding China.