269. Telegram From the Station in Iran [text not declassified]1

TEHE 705. Foll is message Shah should broadcast ad infinitum, by voice and recording. Suggest he be urged quickest do so in name Churchill, Eden and Salisbury:

“Beloved people: In past 28 months Dr Mossadeq has been given by me greatest support and encouragement in hope he would serve nation but in all this time he has created nothing but greatest poverty, disunity and chaos. Has also spent best part time libeling patriots and statesmen who tried help Iran.

“Have sworn upon God and holy Koran preserve constitution but Mossadeq’s impertinence reached point where he tramps on all our sacred ideals. He’s now endangered country in name welfare country and is skillfully driving country to communism. Finding it impossible endure his treacherous deeds I dismissed him and appointed Zahedi form cabinet in order improve bad conditions. But Mossadeq with well known tactics twisted facts and arrested my emissary and thus hit hardest blow against constitution. Thus all army officers who have taken oath allegiance to Shah and country must take action unite, in this darkest period history, under banner true nationalism and put end rule of mentally sick man who has written new chapter in despotism. Great God who has always protected dear country ours will again rescue us.”2

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency. Secret. Transcribed specifically for the Foreign Relations series from microfilm in the Central Intelligence Agency that no longer exists. See “Sources” chapter.
  2. In telegram DIR 16048, August 16, the CIA reported that the Department of State had no objection to British efforts to get the Shah to broadcast such a message. (Ibid.)