202. Monthly Report Prepared in the Directorate of Plans, Central Intelligence Agency1


April 1953

A. General Developments

1. The opposition to Premier Mossadeq appears discouraged and has shelved its immediate plans for the overthrow of the present government in favor of biding its time and conserving its assets. This discouragement is in large measure owing to the Shah’s ineffectuality and his unwillingness to resist Mossadeq’s demands (as exemplified by his recent replacement of Minister of Court Ala by a man more acceptable to Mossadeq). The opposition was further discouraged by Ambassador Henderson’s statement to the effect that U.S.–Iran relations had not been disturbed by the mob attack on the Point IV office in Shiraz,2 a statement which was generally interpreted to mean that the U.S. government still favored Mossadeq as Prime Minister.3

2. [1 paragraph (3 lines) not declassified]

B. Station Synopsis

[3 paragraphs (19 lines) not declassified]

C. Operational Summary

[3 paragraphs (26 lines) not declassified]

D. Paramilitary Operations

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John H. Waller
Chief, NE–4
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, DDO–IMS Files, Job 81–01061R, Box 1, Folder 4, Monthly Report—April 1953, Country Summaries and Analyses. Top Secret; Security Information.
  2. See footnote 2, Document 195.
  3. [text not declassified]