795.00/11–3050: Telegram

The Commander in Chief, United Nations Command (MacArthur) to the Joint Chiefs of Staff

top secret
operational immediate

C–50107. For info only. The Chinese Communists continue the buildup of their forces in North Korea despite all interdiction of our Air Command. Red troops located in Manchuria less than a week ago are now definitely indicated on our front and the two Army Groups, 4th and 3rd, are operating in our two sectors. The North Korea Command has been practically swept aside.

Troops from the neutral international border can reach the front in two night marches. This condition provides for a continuous and rapid buildup, as the enemy potential strength immediately available for prompt reinforcement comprises several hundred thousand troops which in turn are subject to replacement from other Chinese sectors. As a result, it is quite evident that the Eighth Army will successively have to continue to replace to the rear.

Everything leads to the conclusion the Chinese forces have as their objective the complete destruction of United Nations forces and the securing of all of Korea.1

  1. The response from Washington to General MacArthur’s telegrams 50095 and 50107 of November 30 was thus summarized in Record of the Actions Taken by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, p. 68:

    “In reply to both messages the Joint Chiefs of Staff stated that the elements of X Corps must be extricated from their exposed positions and suggested that the forces on the two coasts be sufficiently coordinated to prevent large enemy forces from passing between or outflanking them. Finally, they stated that the entire region northeast of the waist of Korea should be ignored except for military considerations relating to the security of the command.”