795.00/11–3050: Telegram

The Commander in Chief, United Nations Command (MacArthur) to the Joint Chiefs of Staff

top secret

C 50095. Re JCS 97592.1 The X Corps geographically threatens the main supply lines of the enemy forces bearing upon the right flank of the Eighth Army. This threat is emphasized by thrusts from elements of the Corps all along its west flank as far north as Mupyong-Ni and as far south as the roadnets west from the Wonsan sector. This threat is now being met by the enemy commitment of a reported 6 to 8 Divisions which otherwise would have been available for use against the Eighth Army. The enemy’s penetration southward could not be safely accomplished until this threat of the X Corps is contained or nullified. Any concept of actual physical combination of the forces of the Eighth Army and X Corps in a practically continuous line across the narrow neck of Korea is quite impracticable due to the length of that line, the numerical weakness [Page 1260]of our forces, and the logistical problems due to the mountainous divide which splits such a front from north to south.

The X Corps will contract its position, as enemy pressure develops, into the Hamhung–Wonsan sector. The Corps Commander has been enjoined against any possibility of piecemeal isolation and trapping of his forces. While geographically his elements seem to be well extended, the actual conditions of terrain make it extremely difficult for an enemy to take any material advantage thereof.

  1. Transmitted at 2:30 p. m. on November 29, p. 1253.