795.00/6–2550: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Soviet Union


538. Please ask immediate interview Vishinsky1 on Korean invasion. Say to him you are instructed to call his attention to fact that North Korean forces have crossed 38th parallel and invaded territory of ROK in force at several points. Refusal of Soviet Rep to attend UNSC meeting this afternoon despite clear threat to peace and obligations of SC member under Charter requires US to bring this matter directly to attention of USSR Govt. In view universally known fact of USSR controlling influence over North Korean regime US Govt, asks assurance USSR disavows responsibility for this unprovoked and unwarranted attack and that it will use its influence with North Korean authorities to withdraw their invading forces immediately. FYI we intend to make this public as soon as delivered. If Vishinsky will not receive you, deliver message to any official you can reach.2

  1. Andrey Vyshinsky, Soviet Foreign Minister.
  2. The following message, dated June 26, 1 a. m., from Moscow, was received in the Department of State at 6:48 p. m. on June 25 as telegram 1731: “From Barbour. Neither Gromyko nor any Vice Minister nor Sobolev was available Sunday. (Embtel 1727 June 25) Gromyko and Sobolev reported out of town.” (330/6–2650)