795.00/6–2550: Telegram

The Ambassador in Korea (Muccio) to the Secretary of State


944. Sent CINCFE; repeated information Department 944. President has not yet left Seoul (remytel 940, June 26). He has just phoned that he was unable to get through to General MacArthur or to his Chief of Staff1 in order to submit an urgent request that 10 F–51s with bombs and bazookas be delivered to Taegu where Korean pilots are awaiting to take off. He hopes that they can be here before dawn. He asserts that unless these planes are here before dawn, it will be very difficult to meet the northern attack.

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In addition, he requests 36 105 mm. howitzers, 36 75 mm. anti-tank guns, and 36 155 mm. howitzers.

  1. Maj. Gen. Edward M. Almond.