693.95B/11–650: Telegram

The United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin) to the Secretary of State


788. Chauvel (France) thinks it is important that as soon as possible UC or CINCUNC issue a statement of assurance that the UNC will not damage or destroy hydro-electric facilities on the Yalu River nor interfere with normal power uses of these facilities. Chauvel believes such an assurance would “simplify and clarify” the issues presented by Chinese Communist intervention in Korea.

Independently Bebler made same suggestion. Also Officer (Australia)1 made similar suggestion, adding further suggestion that we might indicate that a neutral “cordon sanitaire” could be set up along the frontier perhaps on a 20-mile strip. This indication would be subject to present need for cleaning out hostile military elements.

  1. Sir Keith Officer, Australian Representative to the U.N. General Assembly.