320/11–650: Telegram

The United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin) to the Secretary of State


Delga 243. Interim Committee on Korea met and heard MacArthur special report on Korea without comment.

It will meet at 2 p. m. on November 7 to consider question of currency to be used by UNC north 38th parallel.1

It agreed upon the following principles concerning the application on [of] its resolution of 12 October. This formulation is to be part of IC record but not otherwise publicized and is for confidential assistance to UC.

“The Interim Committee on Korea wishes to ensure that the people of the northern part of Korea shall have the opportunity to participate fully and freely in the establishment of a unified and democratic government of Korea. It therefore advised the UC on 12th October to exercise administrative functions in the north until the commission had considered means of consulting the Korean people and their representatives.

“The Interim Committee on Korea considers that in order to conform with the resolution of the committee adopted on 12th October 1950, the following principles should govern any use in the north of Koreans from south of the 38th Parallel, subject to the needs of military operations and security:

  • “1. Efforts should be made to use members of the local population wherever possible. Any Koreans from south of the 38th Parallel who are used in the north should be appointed by, be under the control of, and be responsible to the UC and not act as the representatives or agents of any other authority;
  • “2. No one should be used in a manner which would enable him to bring political pressure to bear upon the local inhabitants or in any manner restrict the free expression of political opinions by the local inhabitants. These principles will be reviewed by the UN Commission for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea after it meets.”

  1. At that meeting, the Interim Committee on Korea adopted a brief statement advising the Unified Command that, subject to review by UNCURK, it had no objection to the interim use of ROK currency in North Korea; the text of the statement is printed in U.N. document A/1881, p. 15.