795B.5/6–2550: Telegram

The Ambassador in Korea ( Muccio ) to the Secretary of State


929. KMAG has just been impelled to despatch urgent telegram to CINCFE, repeated DeptAr (WRI 077) appealing to CINCFE to ship ten day supply of certain items of ammunition at once to Pusan for Korean Army.1 KMAG found it necessary to make this urgent appeal because ammunition is critically needed to meet situation arising from widespread Communist attacks today along parallel. For an account of Korean ammunition situation, Department is referred to semi-annual KMAG report which was air pouched yesterday under cover Embdes 661.2

I earnestly appeal to Department to back up to such extent as may be necessary KMAG’s appeal for additional ammunition. Without early receipt such ammunition and assuming hostilities continue at present level, is feared modest stocks in Korean hands will be exhausted within ten days time. In my opinion, it would be catastrophic for US to permit gallant Korean forces to succumb for lack of ammunition. I am confident that if adequately supplied, ROK security forces will fight bravely and with distinction.

Repeated information CINCFE.


Note: Mr. Connors (FE) informed 2:26 a. m., 6/25/50 (CWO) FMH.

Relayed to Tokyo, 4 a. m., 6/25/FMH.

  1. The request called for ammunition to support 90 105-mm. howitzers, 700 60-mm. mortars, and 40,000 .30-caliber carbines; see Sawyer, Military Advisors in Korea, p. 120.
  2. Not printed, but see footnote 3 to despatch no. 660, June 23, from Seoul, p. 122.