795.00/6–2550: Telegram

The Ambassador in Korea ( Muccio ) to the Secretary of State


926. Following announcement is being made over mission radio at 1 p.m. today.

“Stand by for a special announcement.

WVTP has been authorized by the Ambassador to make the following announcement:

At 4 o’clock this morning North Korean armed forces began unprovoked attacks against defense positions of the Republic of Korea at several points along the 38th degree parallel. Fighting is now in progress at several points along the parallel.

Korean defense forces are taking up prepared positions to resist Northern aggression. Both Korean officials and the security forces are handling the situation calmly and with ability. There is no reason for alarm. As yet it cannot be determined whether the Northern Communists intended to precipitate all out warfare. New developments will be reported regularly over this station. Please keep tuned to WVTP.

Mission personnel are advised to travel about as little as necessary. The Ambassador requests that Mission personnel remain at home or at their posts, as the situation may dictate. Our next announcement will be heard at three o’clock this afternoon.”

Repeated info CINCFE.


Note: Advance copy to Mr. Rusk 12 midnight June 24. Relayed to Army Department and Tokyo 1 a. m. 6/25/50 CWO/FED.