The Secretary of Defense (Marshall) to the President

top secret

Dear Mr. President: I am attaching, for your approval, a draft directive to the Commander of the United Nations’ Forces in Korea [Page 793] implementing the primarily military aspects of NSC 81/1 which contains the agreed U.S. policy on future courses of action in Korea.

The Secretary of State and I have concurred in this directive, which was prepared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff except for the final paragraph proposed by the Department of State.1

Your approval would permit the Commander of the United Nations’ Forces in Korea to conduct the necessary military operations north of the 38° to destroy North Korean forces, subject to the conditions specified in paragraph 2 of the directive.2

Faithfully yours,

G. C. Marshall
  1. The text of the draft directive as submitted to President Truman was as contained in telegram 317, September 26, to New York and telegram 615, September 26, from New York, pp. 781 and 785.
  2. The directive was approved by President Truman on September 27 and transmitted to General MacArthur on the same day by the JCS in telegram 92801.