746G.00/9–2250: Telegram

The Consul General at Hong Kong (Wilkinson) to the Secretary of State

[Extracts] secret

642. I. Political.

For first time Consulate General has received evidence believed reliable that Chinese Communists do not intend invade Taiwan this year as well as indications that they may limit further aid to North Korea to token support. Above contained in 4 independent … reports received this week contents as follows:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Chou En-lai stated … that Chinese Communists would not get involved in Korean war or fight in any area outside China unless attacked. He said two reasons for this policy, first to avoid any action prejudicial to China’s entry into UN (which made invasion Taiwan inadvisable at this time) and second, to permit concentration all efforts on reconstruction. Source … commented that token support in form of food and medicine would probably be given Korea.
North Korean Ambassador visited Mao in latter part August and requested aid in form food, medicine and trucks. Chinese Service of Supply received instructions ship 100,000 first aid parcels and 500 tons food to North Korea before September 7. Other signs of Peking’s paramount interest in gaining entry to UN were Chou En-lai’s telegrams to UN branding as violation of charter Security Council’s rejection of demand for admission Chinese Communist representative and demanding unseating Nationalist delegation in assembly in favor Chinese Communists. Editorials on UN in Peking People’s Daily and Hong Kong Wen Hui Pao lent support to view that Peking making all-out effort get into UN. Additional significant straw in wind was noticeable decrease this week in NCNA articles on Korea or on US “aggression” against Manchuria.1
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Department pass crypto army for CINCFE, CINCPAC, Com-Seventh TaskFlt. CINCFE pass COMNAVFE. Pouched Taipei, Saigon and Hanoi. Joint WEEKA 38 from SANA.

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  1. The following report was contained in the weekly analysis submitted to the Department by the Embassy in Taipei in telegram 411, September 23:

    “Reports of Defense Minister [of the Republic of China] partially confirmed by outside source state Chinese Communists have decided send 250,000 troops in North Korean uniforms to fight in Korea. All personnel must be able to speak Korean or Japanese. Report does not state whether Chinese Communist forces are to operate as units under own commanders or are to be used as replacements in North Korean units. Report further states necessary North Korean uniforms to be made presumably mostly by hand in Mukden by women’s patriotic organizations. Comment: As weather in Korea will soon be cold uniforms will probably have to be padded cotton and production may take some time.

    “M[inistry of] N[ational] D[efense] reports that Chinese Communists established supply center in Pyongyang, capital of North Korea and that a tank organization nature not stated has also been set up in North Korea.” (794A.00 (W)/9–2350)