330/7–350: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Mission at the United Nations


8. Fol is draft text of res which Wainhouse1 telephoned to Noyes for USUN comment:

The SC

Having determined that the armed attack upon the ROK by forces from North Korea constitutes a breach of the peace,

Having recommended that Members of the UN furnish such assistance to the ROK as may be necessary to repel the armed attack and to restore internatl peace and security in the area,

Welcomes the prompt and vigorous support which Govts and peoples of the UN have given to its resolutions of 25 and 27 June 1950 to assist the ROK in defending itself against aggression and to restore peace and security in the area;
Notes that Members of the UN have transmitted to the UN offers of assistance for the ROK;
Recommends that all Members providing mil forces pursuant to the SC resolutions to assist Korea place such forces under a unified command;
Requests the US to designate the Commander of such forces;
Requests the US to provide the SC with periodic reports on the course of action taken under the unified command.
Establishes a SC Comite composed of five reps of the Members of the Council to be appointed by the Pres:
To receive offers of assistance for the ROK transmitted to the UN and to inform the ROK of all such offers.
To receive the periodic reports requested in Para 5, above.
To advise the SC concerning action taken by Members in support of its resolutions.

  1. David W. Wainhouse, Deputy Director of the Office of United Nations Political and Security Affairs, Department of State.